You can play an integral role in growing this movement and redefining the education system in our country. Here is how you can get involved:


Step into our classrooms and share your knowledge, experience and skills with our children by volunteering to teach and/or assist our Fellows. Help us plan, execute and/or archive our events across the country to further strengthen the movement.

Take a Step

It takes a movement of people contributing in different ways towards educational equity. Here are 10 ways to join the movement; small and big steps that will get us to our vision that one day all children will receive an excellent education.

  1. Share your skills in art/ dance/ theatre to bring arts into a child’s learning
  2. Tutor or mentor a child once a week on Sundays
  3. Conduct a student/teacher exchange between a high-income school and a low-income school
  4. Pay for a counselor in a school, or a teacher for children with special needs
  5. Gift board games or educational aids to a classroom
  6. Donate 5 percent of your salary each month to education
  7. Launch a social media campaign around educational equity
  8. Thank someone who has been a teacher to you
  9. Be a role-model for children around you.
  10. Widen Teach For India’s reach by sharing our success stories and writing about our initiative across platforms.

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