Looking to start an organization in the education space? Part of the Teach For India Alumni community (or soon to be part of it)?

What is InnovatED?

InnovatED is Teach For India’s national incubator for entrepreneurs from Teach For India - who are looking to build impactful organizations in the education space.

Why InnovatED?

We understand that the first few years of building an organization are challenging – be it creating a value proposition, raising funds or hiring talent.

While Teach For India Fellows come with two years of experience working at the frontlines of the problem - starting an organization requires taking on new roles, developing new capabilities and taking on new challenges.

InnovatED is Teach For India’s initiative to support early-stage education entrepreneurs from Teach For India looking to take their innovations from the project or prototype stage to a sustainable organization.

What does InnovatED look like in action?

InnovatED is a nine month incubator program that provides a range of support offerings to entrepreneurs.

By being part of the InnovatED program, you will gain access to the following opportunities:

  • Innovator stipend (for financial security)
  • Dedicated coach and mentors (for personal and organizational growth)
  • Series of National Innovation Bootcamps (for technical and experiential knowledge on creating a value proposition, building a team, raising financial resources, setting up processes, forging partnerships and establishing your presence in the ecosystem)
  • Peer community of entrepreneurs (for a sense of belonging to a larger group of education entrepreneurs, and inter-personal support)
  • Access to the ecosystem (for learning from the experience of ecosystem partners and building connections to individuals and organizations in the larger education ecosystem)
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Our Cohorts


Aditya KV
Umoya Sports
Ashish Navalakha
Loop Education Foundation
Jigyasa Labroo
Slam Out Loud
Manasi Mehan
Saturday Art Class
Shasanka Mishra
Shoaib Dar
Pi Jam Foundation
Swetha Guhan
Key Education Foundation


Anand Gopakumar
The Apprentice Project
Ankit Arora
Saarthi Education Foundation
Eshwar Bandi
Inqui-Lab Foundation
Mainak Roy
Simple Education Foundation
Prasanna Sundaram
Augmented Understanding
Sahil Babbar
Seemant Dadwal
Jungroo Learning

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If you’re interested in supporting our entrepreneurs or have any connections which could lead to potential collaborations, kindly contact us at: shayan.roychowdhury@teachforindia.org .