covid-19 faqsfor the 2020Teach For IndiaFellowship

Dear 2020 Teach For India Fellows, we are ready to welcome you, now more than ever.

Our mission is all the more relevant today, with the pandemic pushing those from the under-resourced communities further into poorer living conditions and we wouldn’t start this journey with anyone else but changemakers who want to tackle educational inequity and set out on their own leadership development journey. Things are changing rapidly and the last few weeks have been unprecedented, but we’re prepared. We are also moulding ourselves to be agile and flexible for the future. We will continue to update this section of the website as our plans develop.

Recent weeks have been a novel challenge for all of us but we’ve also been inspired by the work our Fellows and Alumni are doing to protect and support some of the most vulnerable children in the country and we are sure you will keep the legacy going. We are here to make sure that you are prepared and supported, and ready to build a movement of leaders. Every decision we make over the coming months will be made thinking about our Fellows, our classrooms and the communities they serve. There might be some changes in our content and processes, but we’re prepared. At this time, we must pull together as a community and reaffirm our commitment to a brighter world. Let’s stay safe, healthy and connected- our world needs all the love and healing it can get.

If you have doubts and concerns, we are here to offer as much clarity as we can. We are adding FAQs – which we’ll keep updating. If you have a more urgent question, please email us on fellowship2020@teachforindia.org.

The Teach For India Team

We have a dedicated team to support you in your Assessment Center, Matriculation and address any concerns you have over any other aspect of the Fellowship. As we, and you, are operating remotely, a lot of our support during this time will be virtual (e.g. video conferencing, phone calls and emails). Where we would normally meet you in person – for example at Assessment Centres and Matriculation events – we are set up to offer similar experiences in different ways (e.g. webinars, 1:1 virtual interactions and phone calls).

No, we do not plan to cancel Institute. But, instead of the two that we usually have, we will only have 1 Institute this year. We are looking at bringing to you the first-ever virtual Institute. While this will be similar to the in-person, full-time Institute experience, we are exploring means of blended learning as well.

We also recommend that Fellows are within their placement cities by July 6th. Arriving within placement cities, by that date, will allow you multiple benefits. On the one hand, you’ll be able to access in-person meetings – if state guidelines permit – with your Program Managers and Regional Teams. You’ll also get the opportunity to interact, via small groups screened for safety and socially distanced, with your peers. On the other hand, you’ll be in close proximity to the students you’ll be teaching.

If you are uncomfortable with making the move by this date, we understand. You have the option of moving to your placement city at a later date – as long as you’re able to work full-time, virtually, starting July 6th. You will be required to be in your placement city within 7 days from the start date for your school.

No, there is no need to worry. Your placement at Teach For India is secure. We will definitely be running the 2020 Fellowship, so if you’ve been accepted, we will have you as soon as safety prevails, in your future classroom!

We will get back to you about the exact date that you can propose as your last date by April 15th. We will hopefully have more accurate and updated information by then. There may be some fluctuations with school openings, but they will ultimately open.

We will ensure that you get the most holistic experience whilst at Institute. There, we will expose you to summer school, teaching and all other forms of training that our Fellows go through every year.

If you’re an Indian citizen, stay where you are and wait for an update from our end. If you require an OCI, according to India visa laws, you will have to wait for more information from the Government on this. The Indian government has announced a nation-wide lockdown for all international flights. We’d strongly suggest that you reach out to your recruiter for any specific clarifications by writing to fellowship2020@teachforindia.org or apply@teachforindia.org.

In such unpredictable situations, it’s natural for parents and guardians to have concerns about your well-being. We will surely be happy to have someone from our team speak to them and clarify any doubts they may have.

We want to reassure you that despite the current situation, schools still need teachers. Our 2020 Fellowship will still be going ahead, and we will be continuing to match you with a school and support you in your preparation to teach in a classroom.

Every decision we make over the coming months will be made thinking about our Fellows, our partner schools and the communities we serve. It’s crucial to us that every change we make in our processes and our content is thoughtful and empathetic towards the new cohort. Therefore, our deferral policy remains the same- we do not accept deferrals.

Your safety is our utmost priority. We will not be gathering large groups until we receive a go-ahead from the national medical authorities. We will be monitoring recommendations from multiple credible sources and input those into our safety measures accordingly. As this is a dynamic and unprecedented situation, our precautionary measures promise to be flexible in how we respond.

Your well-being and safety come first and we can promise you that we have taken adequate measures. You can find them below.

This is a great resource to see what India is doing to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

  • We will be ensuring hygiene checks like cleaning surfaces with disinfectants regularly, access to hand sanitizers at the campus and while in classrooms, ensuring the kitchen staff and other staff will have the same, keeping a check on the classrooms we visit and monitor any illnesses there proactively.
  • We will be ensuring proactive checks at Institute to ensure health, hygiene and wellness. We will also be screening everyone as they enter the campus for any signs of illness.
  • We have a doctor on campus and access to external medical sources who will also be able to provide further medical attention, if and when needed. We are also talking to campuses about medical facilities and emergency medical services available nearby to plan for contingencies.

  • As an organization, we have cancelled all work-related travel and all in-person events. All staff members have been sent documents on precautionary measures to be taken.
  • For Fellows, we have given them the option to not go to school, cancelled all in-person spaces and meetings, and have given them options to move as much work as possible to virtual spaces.
  • All in-person events that involve groups are cancelled and either moved to virtual spaces or rescheduled.
  • Our Staff is encouraged to continue to use their discretion with respect to any other in-person work commitments. With the national lockdown, all our offices stay closed too.

All our Staff salaries and Fellow stipends are secure. Our core work will not get impacted. Our Fellows, Students and communities are our first priority and of the extreme importance to us.

Teach For India offers you the chance to make a real difference in tackling one of India’s most pressing challenges — educational inequity. By presenting you with one of the most difficult challenges of your life, the Fellowship will help you develop leadership skills that are critical in today’s dynamic global work environment. The Fellowship Program gives you an opportunity to become a part of the solution and a change agent in the society.

Teach For India is looking for potential Fellows who have exhibited academic proficiency, demonstrated leadership, strong organizational skills, hold a graduate degree and are inclined to make a commitment to the community. Students and professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree at the time of joining the Fellowship are invited to apply. Please Click Here to go through all the eligibility criteria in detail.

The two-year commitment is necessary to make the impact we wish to have on student achievement. In the first year, Fellows will refine their teaching skills and will start to establish respect and trust among various stakeholders within the school community and the students. This will allow Fellows to achieve significant academic gains for students and to implement their community/school project in the second year. Furthermore, Teach For India is looking for leaders who are willing to commit to long-term change and have the perseverance to work hard in challenging situations. In this context, the two-year commitment is but a small step towards long-term reform.

Teach for India currently has approximately 1100 Fellows, teaching across 7 cities and 2500 Alumni. In 2015, Bengaluru became a part of Teach for India’s placement cities adding to our existing presence in the cities of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Teach For India Fellow are teaching approximately 38,000 children in these cities.

Teach For India Fellows are a diverse group of people, brought together by their past achievements and their passion to eliminate educational inequity. They come from diverse backgrounds of colleges such as IITs, IIMs, St.Stephen’s College, St. Xavier’s College, Christ University, Presidency College etc and companies such as Accenture, McKinsey, Mahindra & Mahindra, IBM, Ernst & Young, Schlumberger etc. By joining the Fellowship, you will get an opportunity to work with some of the brightest and most enterprising minds of the country.

At Teach for India, we believe that Teaching is Leadership. For our Fellows and Students to be leaders, we focus on building skills and mindsets through our Leadership Development Journey. The LDJ takes Fellows through 8 milestones in which they explore where their classroom is on the Student Vision Scale, where they are on the Fellow Commitments Scale, what Competencies they need to work on and which Opportunities they can avail of to work on those. This is a cycle to build reflective practice throughout the journey. The Student Vision Scale defines the kind of Academic Achievement, Values and Mindsets and Exposure and Access our students need to have path-changing learning and make them student leaders. The Fellow Commitments Scale defines the three commitments, to Personal Transformation, to Collective Action and to Education Equity that all of us in the movement need to be leaders who will go on to eliminate educational inequity in the country.

Teach For India Fellows are placed in 2nd to 10th standard classrooms where they teach all major subjects — including English, Mathematics, Social studies and Science with the exception of regional languages. Although the mother tongue is helpful in interacting within our communities, it is not a necessary prerequisite as our schools are English medium.

Teach For India Fellows will be placed in low-income schools in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru. All Fellows will be required to reside in one of these cities during the period of the Fellowship. If you are unable to do so, please note that we will expand into more cities in the upcoming years, and hope to be in 10 cities and their surrounding rural areas within the next 5 years.

Teach For India will work relentlessly to ensure that all Fellows have the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their students towards achievement. The Teach For India Fellowship begins with a five-week residential training program. Here, Fellows are exposed to curriculum, lesson planning, and classroom facilitation and student assessments among other modules, sessions and keys to successful teaching. Additionally, each Fellow will have a mentor in the form of a Program Manager whose primary responsibility is to guide Fellows to become effective teachers and leaders. Additionally, Teach For India will also provide ongoing technical trainings from in-house trainers.

Teach For India Fellows will be paid a salary of Rs. 20,412 per month. If required to relocate from their home city, Fellows will be given a housing allowance ranging from Rs.5,300 to 10,000, depending on the city in which they will stay. In addition, Fellows will receive an allowance for school supplies.

Teach For India strongly believes that excellent teachers employ the same skills as excellent leaders in any field. Spending two years in the classroom will help Fellows develop leadership skills such as organization, communication, problem-solving in an unstructured environment, people management and resourcefulness that are valuable in any sector. Teach For India will select Fellows who have demonstrated excellence in the past and will work with them throughout the two-year Fellowship to ensure that they take advantage of the experience to become extraordinary future leaders.

Teach For India's fifth cohort of Fellows graduated in April, 2015. Our 2500 Alumni are now spread all over the country and abroad in jobs ranging from consulting to education startups; and as students in top universities such as Harvard, Cornell, Chicago Booth, Columbia and Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Teach For India supports its Fellows to pursue their individual career interests by training and mentoring them and striving to build relationships with top schools, universities, NGOs, and corporate throughout the country. Teach For India has already established close ties with HDFC, Godrej Industries, Harvard Business School, IIM Bangalore, ISB, McKinsey & Company, Tata Consultancy Services, Columbia Law School, Ernst & Young and the Thermax Group, among many others.

Teach For India will accept applications for the Fellowship every year. If you are unable to consider joining the Fellowship at this time, we welcome you to consider applying for the Fellowship in the subsequent years. However, before making the decision, please write to us apply@teachforindia.org and we would be glad to address your concerns and see if we can make it work for the upcoming year. For questions on the Application Form and Selection process, please see Admission and Application FAQs below. Please email us at apply@teachforindia.org if you have additional queries.

The online application is designed to let you complete various sections in your own time before you submit the final version. Please ensure that you click on “Save Section” button at the bottom of every section before moving on to another section. The Admissions team will only review your application once you submit it. They will NOT look at your application while you are still working on it.

We are sure our system is completely compatible with email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. However, there are certain email services such as Hotmail that have a highly restrictive email filter and hence, it could be the case that the email we sent did not get delivered to you. We request you to register using a Gmail or Yahoo account.

Also, please check your Spam/Junk folder to ensure the email has not gotten delivered there. If you have still not received the email, please email apply@teachforindia.org and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

We have 4 application deadlines for the 2021 Fellowship Program. The application deadlines are:

Deadline 1: Sunday, September 6th 2020, 10:00 PM IST

Deadline 2: Sunday, November 8th 2020, 10:00 PM IST

Deadline 3: Sunday, January 17th 2021, 10:00 PM IST

Deadline 4: Sunday, March 14th 2021, 10:00 PM IST

(a) Minimum Qualification: You must have completed all coursework required for your undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree equivalent) from an accredited college or university by the last week of May 2021. Your degree transcripts (graduate/postgraduate certificates) will be reviewed before an admission decision can be taken. Applicants must also pass any coursework indicated in their transcripts at the time of the interview.

(b) Nationality: You should be either (i) an Indian citizen or (ii) a foreign national of Indian origin. Foreign citizens who are not of Indian origin are not eligible to apply. Note to Foreign nationals of Indian origin: For more information on the OCI card, please go to the Ministry of Home Affairs. To apply for the OCI card, please go to the Online OCI Registration Form. We recommend applying for the OCI card as soon as you have made the decision to join the Fellowship, as it takes approximately 1-3 months to receive the card.

(c) Commitment & Location: The Fellowship is a full-time, paid commitment to teaching and living in one of our placement cities (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru) starting May/June 2021. Fellows will be full-time staff members of the schools in which they are placed and will work stipulated school hours six days a week as well as attending training and support sessions as per city requirements.

(d) English Fluency: You should be fluent in the English language as Teach For India Fellows will be placed in English-medium schools and will be expected to teach in and attend training sessions conducted in English.

(e) Age Limit: There is no age limit to apply for Teach For India Fellowship.

Please check whichever measure is most relevant to you, and then fill in both your score and the base from which it was calculated. Please give only one measure. For example, if your institution uses “Cumulative Average” as its measure for academic achievement and your cumulative average is 8.0/10.0, please check “Cumulative Average”, and then fill in “8.0” on Score and “10.0” on Base. If your institution does not calculate any of these measures for you, you will have to calculate the average of the final grades of ALL of your coursework, and fill in the relevant information. If you are currently in your final year at college and hence do not have your final year graduation scores, please enter an average of your scores from all your previous years at college. Please note that if you attend an Assessment Centre, we will ask for copies of your mark sheets or transcripts to confirm the score you indicated.

The essays are your chance to tell us about yourself and your interest for Teach For India. As they are extended answers with no upper word limit, you will be able to use them as an opportunity to demonstrate to us in detail why you are a strong candidate for the Fellowship. Please therefore spend time developing your understanding of Teach For India - by reading our website, watching our short videos, speaking with staff, Fellows or Alumni or reading related articles – as well as thinking about what you want to tell us before writing your response. Please also ensure that you have checked your essays for spelling and grammar errors as well as to ensure that you have answered each question fully. We recommend that you draft your essays off-line before proof reading and then copy-pasting them onto the application form, to ensure that the essays you submit are of the highest quality.

You will first hear back from us within ten working days of the deadline that you applied for.

Round 1:

Deadline Date: 6 September 2020

Application outcome date: 16 September 2020

Round 2:

Deadline Date: 8 November 2020

Application outcome date: 20 November 2020

Round 3:

Deadline Date: 17 January 2021

Application outcome date: 28 January 2021

Round 4:

Deadline Date: 14 March 2021

Application outcome date: 24 March 2021

Teach For India will send a Section 80G Income Tax Exemption receipt of your donation to the address you mention the in donation form or to the email address you provide within 2 weeks. [for Indian citizens only]

Donations to Teach For India can be made both online and offline. You can donate online by credit card/debit card/net banking using our secure donation page. You can donate offline by making a cheque in the name of “Teach To Lead” along with a cover letter stating your full name, address, PAN and the purpose of your donation ( eg. Towards Sponsor a Fellow, Fellow BTCP) and mailing to the following address:

Teach For India

Attn: Development Team

Godrej One, 2nd Floor

Pirojshanagar,Eastern Express Highway,

Vikhroli (East),

Mumbai - 400 079, India

Currently, the following 3 agencies collect donations on Teach for India’s behalf:

  1. Give India

  2. Global Giving

  3. United Way

Yes, Teach For India (registered as Teach To Lead) has a certificate for Tax Exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. All donations to Teach For India are 50% exempt from tax under Section 80G. The tax exemption 80G is applicable only for donations made by Indian citizens / entities eligible for this exemption .

Yes, Indian citizens residing abroad can donate in the following currencies:-

US Dollars

For any queries related to this, please reach out to us via email on donate@teachforindia.org

All donors making donations in USD should donate directly to our US partner, Friends of Teach For India and NOT donate on the main TFI website. Friends of Teach For India (EIN 47-3725301) is based in New York City and is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All donations to Friends of Teach For India are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

If you would like to donate to Friends of Teach For India, please visit www.friendsofteachforindia.org.

Yes, foreign nationals can donate online to Teach for India. For further queries please write to donate@teachforindia.org

Yes. The entire amount is allocated to the Fellow’s Be The Change Project.

The payment gateway charge is about 3-5% and is deducted by CCAvenue.

Your donation will be used towards the Fellowship, the alumni program, the projects in the innovation cell and/or the operation costs to fuel these programs in any of the 7 cities (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune )that Teach for India operates in.On an average Teach For India spends 13 % of funds raised on administration and the remainder on programmatic expenditure.

All online donors receive a monthly newsletter update on progress of Teach For India movement. Since the donations are pooled together and used for the entire program as a whole, online donors do not receive a fund utilisation report.

You are welcome to visit a Teach For India classroom even if you are not a donor. However school visits require prior permissions to be taken by our Fellows. Please allow a one to two weeks before a visit can be scheduled. You can write to donate@teachforindia.org with your request.

For more details or any further assistance please email us at donate@teachforindia.org

You can also contact us at our Mumbai office:

Teach For India

Attn: Development Team

Godrej One, 2nd Floor

Pirojshanagar,Eastern Express Highway,

Vikhroli (East),

Mumbai - 400 079, India

Yes, please contact at: +91 22 25194283, 25194284 and ask for someone from the development team.

Teach For India partners with individuals, foundations and corporations. To discuss how we can partner with you or your organization, please write to us at donate@teachforindia.org