The Conference of the Birds is a Sufi and Hamilton-inspired hip-hop musical that takes you on a journey in search of the true meaning of India. As a group of students transform into a flock of birds and embark on an adventure through the valleys of Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity; the musical delivers a powerful and compelling call to action — for every Indian to stand up for the “I and I” — the “we” — in India.

The musical marks a full circle for the movement, as ten years after Teach For India’s first musical production, Maya, a few Maya students returned as mentors, choreographers, theatre instructors, and directors. The Conference of the Birds, is not just a show, it is a labour of love - the culmination of an 18-month long journey, exploring alongside our students the idea of India’s Constitutional Values, and the increasingly important question … “What is India?” 


June 3 & 4
“This couldn’t have come at a more critical time. The minute you see it, you will feel like telling a hundred more people about it.”

Alex Kuruvilla

Chairman Emeritus, Conde Nast India


July 29 & 30
“Reinstated my belief that when action is at the center of all that we do, it has the innate ability to transcend language and cultural experiences to bring diverse people together.”

Kuldeep Dantewadia

Co-founder and CEO, Reap Benefit


August 12 & 13
“It was beyond anything I have ever experienced. I have never cried like this before. Words fail me but the show is nothing short of MAGICAL!”

Amitav Virmani

Founder & CEO, The Education Alliance

If The Conference of the Birds tells us why we need to play a greater role in India, Teach For India’s India & I Studies, is an open-source curriculum that creatively immerses children in the practice of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. The India & I Studies have been successfully piloted across diverse schools, and are offered to any educator or school that believes that our nation is built in our classrooms.

You can access the India & I Studies by clicking on the links below:

23 Students who were a part of the journey of the musical, are now proof points of what is possible when classrooms are led with love, and with a deep belief in the potential of each child. From speaking just a few words of English, and not knowing anything about art, theatre, or our constitutional values, these students have:

  • Performed a 90-page script in front of 1000+ audience members
  • Grown 1.5 levels in reading comprehension
  • Are leading change-making projects in their classrooms and communities

Watch a glimpse of our incredible 18-month journey

The Conference of the Birds would not have been possible without the support of our Title Supporter, JSW Foundation, and our Show Supporters, BookASmile, Godrej, HSBC India, BNP Paribas Foundation and Max India Foundation.

Show supporters

"It was an ambitious, courageous move…For what you were trying to achieve, the show was extraordinary."

AR Rahman

Music Composer

"A very truthful story, very beautifully told. A grand effort. Hats off."

Boman Irani


"Honest and brave. Reminded me that we need to start listening more and more to our youth."

Hrishi K

Radio and Podcast Host

"In today's times, it's a bold choice to speak about an India of any kind… Proud that you're fighting the good fight, god knows we need it now more than ever."

Safdar Rahman


"I think the show has such a special place in India today! I’m a Muslim and everything was portrayed so beautifully and respectfully. I personally felt seen and heard."