Student Impact

Our goal for our students is to put every child that we work with on a different life path. We measure our impact as progress to this goal on three levels - academic growth, values and mindset, and exposure and access. Central to all our impact is leadership. We aim to develop student leaders who show transformational change both in themselves and in their classroom, school, and community.

Academic Impact

Student Vision Scale

The Student Vision Scale is our measure of how classrooms are doing on academic achievement, exposure and access, and values and mindsets. Our Program Managers have rated our classrooms a 3 out of 5 on our Student Vision Scale. This implies that students are beginning to explore themselves, the world around them, the values they operate with and basic learning is happening in the classroom. Students are also able to demonstrate class values, and start to think about how they want to contribute to their community. Students who have already reached a 5 are passionate and joyful, and can evaluate and create challenging content. They are able to independently demonstrate class values, both in and out of class, and are able to leverage opportunities in the community and world around them.

Longitudinal Study

The Longitudinal Study is a comparative study of Teach For India and non-Teach For India classrooms over time, done in collaboration with Columbia University. Each year, Teach For India classrooms have made more than double the growth of non-Teach For India classrooms in the control group.


Our students are learning to recall and apply knowledge and skills appropriate to their level. This has led to a 48% grade level mastery on math at the end of the year versus 20% in the beginning of the year in 2015.

Reading Comprehension

On average, Teach For India students show a 1.1 year of growth in reading level in 2015, which means they have achieved over a full year of reading ability. This is especially important as many students are below grade level at the time of Teach For India intervention, and our Fellows need to accelerate their learning in order for them to be at par with peers of the same grade.

Values and Mindset

We believe that an excellent education is a balance of academics and character development through strengthening values and mindsets. Our Program Managers have rated 88% of our Fellows as teaching students to demonstrate values on the student vision scale.

We have seen strong examples of value-driven learning in classrooms through Design For Change (, Maya, Carpe Diem and others. Design For Change is a global challenge that encourages children to use design thinking to solve a problem they care about. Teach For India students have consistently reached the top ten list of global Design For Change projects. The Maya Find Your Light Track enables children to ask and answer big life questions as part of a journey of understanding themselves better. Maya has also identified and documented the practices (the sharing circle, living the values of compassion, courage and wisdom and others) that we believe have led to impact. Maya students were found to perform twice as well academically as other Teach For India students. Three of our Maya students got full scholarships to the United World Colleges in Italy, Armenia and India and another two study at Avsara’s Leadership Academy now.

Exposure and Access

Exposure and access for our students is providing them with a wide range of opportunities that will help them to both understand themselves better, as well as their purpose and the contribution they wish to make to the world.

On the student vision scale, our Program Managers have rated 60% of our classrooms as having evidence in building students’ awareness of strengths and goals, and exposing them to opportunities through projects and experiences outside the classroom.

Each year, our students participate in the Model United Nations, and have continued this year on year. Our students have also participated and been awarded at various Olympiads and other competitions. They participate in extra-curricular fests, do slam poetry, and go on residential leadership camps. They take part in Just For Kicks, an Alumni-run football project, and have facilitated Teach For All educational conferences. This year one of our students, Priyanka, was invited to lead a session on Student Leadership at Teach For America’s 25 year Anniversary.