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A glimpse of how our Fellows ensure that their Students #DontStopLearning

For the first time, a crisis has given us the opportunity to re-imagine education, to bridge the inequity gap and to enable a new form of learning that could be a true equalizer for all children. Though the requirement for devices is much higher, our immediate goal is to raise funds for 1000 devices for Grade 5 to 10 Students through this campaign. With a number of organizations and individuals pledging to support our efforts to bridge the digital divide, over time, we hope to raise funds to put a gadget in the hands of every Student who needs one.

The cost of one tablet and internet connectivity for the rest of this academic year is ₹10,000.

To all those who have donated to help bridge the digital divide, thank you. Your contribution has directly resulted in a device being put into a Student’s hand and for that we are grateful. But we still have a long way to go. We urge you to leverage the extent of your networks and to encourage friends and family to donate to our Sponsor A Device campaign.

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The reality of the communities we serve

Our most vulnerable children have lived through trauma. It began with a food crisis, homelessness and migration, before mutating into domestic violence, medical emergencies and unemployment. Their safe space of a classroom being suddenly replaced by added responsibilities. More than 50% of the students that Teach For India serve do not have access to a stable internet connection or a smartphone. It’s a discomforting picture, to imagine students who were already academically behind their high-income peers fall further behind, perpetuating yet another generation of poverty. We are witnessing the impact, hourly and daily, that this crisis is having on low-income communities.

Device Specifications

7 inch tablet
Android 9.0
2GB RAM | 32 GB storage
4G enabled

Device Safety and Management

a. The devices will remain the property of Teach For India. Our Fellows will ensure maintenance, upkeep, and security.

b. The device management software will allow us to track and manage the devices centrally.

c. Parents will sign a device loan agreement at the time of handing over the device.

d. A partner will provide continuous upkeep and maintenance of devices.

Child Safety

a. Our Fellows are being trained to model professional conduct online through policies, guidelines and redressal mechanisms to reinforce child safety measures in the virtual space.

b. Fellows will stipulate key applications and software choices for Students to access, following guidelines provided by Teach For India. A Central Device Management Software will help us track and restrict usage to the recommended applications.

c. The device offers a seven-inch screen and we have incorporated guidelines on screen time, which takes into account mental health and viewing easability for the child.

ⓘ The funds raised through this campaign will be utilized towards devices and/or internet recharge of the devices in a manner that best serves the needs of our Students.