systemic impact

We measure the success and impact of the inspirED conference through the diversity in speakers and participants, the richness of content and ideas, and the awareness built around the event. Each conference hosts approximately 400-500 participants ranging from teachers, school leaders, educators, students, government, and corporate CSR representatives among many others. The conference facilitates dialogue around the educational landscape and sparks ideas and solutions from multiple perspectives.

In 2014, we hosted the inspirED conference in New Delhi, with Arvind Kejriwal as the keynote speaker. We held a panel discussion that was hosted by Rahul Kanwal and aired on news channel Headlines Today. Panelists included Dr. Nalin Kohli (Bharatiya Janta Party), Yogendra Yadav (Aam Admi Party), and Manish Tiwari (National Congress Party). The half hour TV airing of the panel brought mass awareness for the conference and the state of education in Delhi. The event was also covered in print through 16 newspaper articles. For the first time last year, we held sessions in Hindi, inviting parents of our students - an integral group of stakeholders to impact and invest towards our mission and vision.

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