Intern, Expansion (Research and Analysis) - Kolkata

Position Summary:
The Expansion intern will work closely with the Expansion Consultant to review/design data analysis systems and support a process to collect, analyze, and report data on key parameters considered for City Expansion. The person will also reach out to City Operations and other concerned teams to understand the impact of expanding to any new city on existing operations, and also on the parameters identified to shortlist the cities. Qualified candidates should demonstrate strong data analysis and management skills, an interest in statistics and sampling, and an ability to influence others to achieve outcomes. This position will report to the Expansion Consultant.
Team Overview:
The Expansions Team is currently working on setting up the Fellowship program in two sites in the Eastern Region by 2018-19. The team is leading the design and execution of Teach For India’s growth and expansion strategy with the purpose to expand nation wide.
Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Taking stock of the basic primary and secondary research already conducted for cities in the Eastern Region.
  • Validate the data points gathered in the research documents with additional fieldwork and discussions with stakeholders internal to Teach For India.
  • Gather data and information from on-ground observations.
  • Discuss at depth with Teach For India Staff to assess the impact of opening new sites and the feasibility based on internal and external strengths and challenges.
  • Assist in arriving at a strong evidence-based recommendation for Expansion to two sites that can be used to secure management and Board approval.
  • Prepare a comprehensive manual that details the process of expansion, parameters to be taken into account, risk analysis (internal and external), opportunities and constraints. This will ensure that Expansion efforts are more effective next time.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Result driven and outcome focused approach with proven track record in data analysis and influencing stakeholders.
  • Comfortable handling large data sets and extracting patterns from complex or incomplete datasets; advanced MS Excel skills (formulas and vlookup)
  • Adaptable and flexible in working style and approach to solving problems by thinking critically to simplify complex information to derive informative analysis
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-starter who haExcellent writing skillsAttention to detail
Education and Experience
  • Previous experience working hard in a deadline-oriented, target-driven environment with respect for process and professionalism: able to keep himself/herself calm during high-stress periods
Intern, Expansion (Research and Analysis) - Kolkata