City Director


The Opportunity:
Teach For India initiated its operations in Hyderabad in 2012 with an inaugural cohort of 46 Fellows. In the last five years, 300 Fellows have experienced their Fellowship in Hyderabad (160 Alumni who completed as of 2016) and 140 Fellows currently working across 46 schools directly impacting over 5000 children. Together with our growing Alumni network, government (SSA) support, invested schoolleaders, empowered parents, generous corporate bodies, spirited volunteers and committed NGO partners, we are increasing the investments into the idea of equity in education and are committed to their role in attaining it. With 5 years of presence across many low-income private and government schools, Teach For India has its impact not just within elementary and secondary classrooms but also on many school-wide and community capacity building initiatives led by Fellows, Alumni, and a wide array of a vibrant external ecosystem of supporters. With collective contributions from a committed team of 20 staff members, Teach For India in Hyderabad has the potential to redefine what’s possible for children from low-income backgrounds and a power that resides in the individual and collective leadership capacities of individuals and groups to catalyze a broader movement for education reform in the capital of India’s newest state (Telangana)
The Vision for the Role:
The Hyderabad City Director (CD) plays a critical role in unleashing the potential and power of a local movement for educational equity in the nation’s capital. This individual creates and shapes a vision for the city that is rooted inthe local context and develops a long term strategy in order to achieve this vision. The CD works closely with the program team in order to ensure that every child in our classrooms is on a different life path, while also creating an ecosystem of support for Fellows that enables them to be successful in their roles as teachers and future leaders of the movement. This individual fosters a sense of community among Alumni in the city and mobilizes them towards shared goals, while also building partnerships with a range of government, corporate, and civil society players to catalyze systemic impact and ensure the long-term sustainability of our efforts. Last but not least, the CD plays an integral role in building the capability and commitment of members of the Hyderabad City Operations team to contribute to our mission in the long-term. .
The Leadership Challenge: Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Envision, develop and update a contextualized vision for Teach For India’s operations in Hyderabad:
    • Articulate a vision rooted in the local context and set clear goals that will serve as milestones of progress
    • Build investment and ownership among staff, Fellows, and Alumni in the vision and goals
  2. Build relations with key partners and stakeholders to foster collective impact and ensure long-term sustainability:
    • Secure sustainable funding pipelines that cover the city budget (which is 8 Cr for 2016-17).
    • Build strong relationships with 46+ placement schools and communities
  3. Build a strong culture of inspiration, support, and accountability among staff members:
    • Setting the vision for city staff development
    • Defining and refining the city staff Support Plan
    • Ensuring development of tools to support city staff
    • Ensuring identification and documentation of best practices
    • Leading performance management conversations
  4. Collaborate with Teams across Teach For India, especially Recruitment, Selection, Matriculation, Training, Finance, Strategy & Learning, Alumni Impact, Admin, IT and HR
Values and Mindsets
  • Deep belief in Teach For India’s vision, mission, and values
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and collective action
  • Growth mindset, with an underlying belief that one’s abilities and competencies can be developed through dedication, hard work and practice
  • Strong focus on building excellence and depth in the role
Knowledge and Technical Skills:
  • Understanding of Teach For India’s short-term and long-term theory of change
  • Understanding of Teach For India’s leadership development philosophy and framework
  • Proficiency in analyzing data and making inferences to drive strategies and decisions
  • Strong project planning and project management skills
Abilities and Competencies:
  • Strategic and critical thinking skills so as to conceptualize multiple approaches to solving a problem and draw out a clear roadmap with roles and responsibilitiesy
  • Relationship-building and networking skills so as to connect individuals, groups, and partners with shared goals
  • Influencing and persuasion skills so as to leverage people and relationships to outcomes
  • Communication skills so as to deliver a compelling message through oral and written mediums to diverse stakeholders
  • People management skills so as to manage diverse teams to outcomes
  • Ability to be resourceful and entrepreneurial in the face of uncertainty
Education and Experience
  • A Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in any field
  • 6+ years of relevant work experience
  • Previous experience managing large projects and teams to successful outcomes
  • Previous Teaching / Education experience (preferred)
City Director - Hyderabad