Associate –City Government, School and Community Relations


Position Summary:
The Government, School and Community Relations (GSCR) Associate will be responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining relationships with the Government departments, school communities, other NGOs working in and around the placement schools, and schools to ensure that the Fellows and Program Associates are able to concentrate on delivering on their goals for the children. The Associate will be the owner of the zones identified by them and will ensure that 100% school approvals are provided by the Government.
Team Summary :
TheGovernment, School and Community Relations(GSCR) team has the exciting and challenging role of driving the Teach For India vision and mission in Delhi – the seat of national government and location of our largest site out of 7 cities. This involves training and supporting Fellows to have impact in their classrooms, schools and communities, leading to the development of Fellows as a leader in the movement against educational inequity. The team works with various critical stakeholders in the city of Delhi such as numerous Government bodies (3 Municipal Council of Delhi zones, Department of Education and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan department), corporates, foundations, NGOs as well as our Alumni to drive our vision. Delhi will be entering into its seventh year of operation in 2016 – 17 – a challenging and exciting year when we will work in ~ 95 schools (morning and afternoon shifts) ~ 300 Fellows, ~ 35city operations team members and ~ 250 Alumni working in thecity.
Primary Responsibilities
  • To build strong Government and local leader relations so as to get 100% approval for Teach For India to stay in schools on a yearly basis as well as assist the Manager in getting contacts for Government funding
  • To support Fellows and Program Managers (PMs) in resolving concerns of the School Principals, Government bodies, communities and parents of the students
  • In the zone assigned ensure 95% movement of Teach For India students from 5th to 6th grade standards through support given to Principals, Fellows, PMs and the parents
  • To create and maintain a database of NGOs and emergency contacts in and around the placement schools. Build partnership with specific need NGOs so as to support the city needs
  • To establish links and facilitate relationships between local community leaders / NGOs and the Fellows to gain support with children's issues that may arise during the Fellowship
  • Design, plan and execute the Government conferences and end of year showcase
  • To identify new placement schools on a yearly basis and ensure there is a healthy ratioamong Government, Private and NGO schools
  • Building and maintaining relations with local Government officials and obtaining relevant information and documents on an ongoing basis
Additional responsibilities
  • To support and train Fellows in building relations within their school and community
  • Roll out the Principal survey as well as other research projects such as longitudinal study
  • Support the GSCR Manager at institute for placement sessions and the workshops in the city
  • Support the recruitment team with phone reviews, Coffee chats or volunteering at Assessment Centres
  • Lead the Fellow GSCR Committee and support the Manager to reach year end goals
Competencies and Abilities:
  • Demonstrated self-starting abilities: resourcefulness, sense of responsibility and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency in using data to drive decisions - analyzing numbers and trends and deriving a strategy to move forward
Values and Mindsets
  • A belief that every single child deserves an excellent education and that every single child has the ability to be successful in school, despite their background
  • Strong work ethic and sense of possibility
Education and Experience
  • Strong undergraduate/postgraduate degree
  • Experience of working on Projects is desirable
Associate –City Government, School and Community Relations - Delhi