Associate, College Recruitment and Outreach

Delhi, Chennai
Position Summary:

The Associate, Recruitment and Outreach lays the foundation of the Teach For India movement by sourcing the most outstanding college graduates and working professionals, and informing, investing and inspiring them to join the Fellowship Program. The Associates build the brand of Teach For India nationally by representing our organisation at premier institutions in the country, and play a key role in building enduring partnerships with them. They source and manage a team of Campaign Leaders, and together devise a strategy for building the movement within their region, with decisions rooted in data analysis. Most importantly, they provide continuous support to prospective Fellows and empower them with the skills, knowledge and mindsets to be prepared for the start of their Fellowship journey.

At its soul, the role revolves around changing mindsets in this country and, as such, presents tremendous opportunity to build leadership and management skills in a fast-paced, results-driven, and challenging team.

Team Overview:
The Recruitment Team is a group of highly enterprising and innovative individuals who work tirelessly to change mindsets in our country, and inspire the most outstanding leaders to join the Fellowship Program. As one of the most external facing teams, we build the brand of Teach For India nationally through various branding and promotion campaigns, engagement with the top institutions of the country, media partnerships, and by creating strong champions of the movement. We promote the three key messages of the Fellowship Program:
  • The Fellowship is the single greatest leadership-development program available;
  • Our Alumni force is currently spread across sectors around the world fighting to end educational inequity in India; and
  • This will be the challenge of your life
The Recruitment Team creates a vision and strategy for strengthening Teach For India's brand in different regions, aiming to expose the city's populace to the impact of our movement and the magic of our classrooms. We provide avenues for prospective applicants to meet with Fellows, Staff and students, and we meet with corporate and college stakeholders to invest them in the movement. We engage with the city teams in order to ensure that the organisation acts as one team in our mission to find our movement of leaders who will eliminate educational inequity and ensure that all children attain an excellent vision.
Responsibilities :
Primary responsibilitiesinclude but are not limited to
  • Setting strategy and goals
    • Devise a strategy for your portfolio based on the national recruitment strategy
    • Set ambitious goals for recruitment in your portfolio
  • Research your market and secure partnerships
    • Research the landscape of your region to identify where our most promising applicants are and the best value proposition for them
    • Build awareness of current job market, our competition, and value proposition of the Teach For India Fellowship for our target audience
    • Identify new cities, regions, universities, corporates to expand our presence into.
    • Forge sustainable symbiotic partnerships with youth hubs, professional clubs, and organizations with similar interests
    • Invest the leaders at our partner corporates and universities in the larger movement
  • Engage and cultivate candidates
    • Create avenues and opportunities to meet potential candidates face-to-face
    • Inspire the brightest minds by sharing stories from our classrooms and Alums through emails, conversations and interactive sessions
    • Invest the most promising applicants into applying to the Fellowship by sharing the challenge and their potential role in the larger movement
  • Build and support your team
    • Attract, interview, and select a team of 20-30 Campaign Leaders to help with efforts at select colleges and corporates.
    • Invest, leverage, and support Fellows on the recruitment committee to inspire and invest target applicants
    • Source, manage, and coach interns to assist you in your efforts
  • Develop the Brand and Marketing Plan.
    • Create partnerships with local newspapers and magazines to share stories to influence the target audience in your portfolio
    • Secure radio, television, video, film partnerships to spread awareness about the educational crisis and Teach For India
    • Leverage the Teach For India Communications team for creating campaigns, branding ideas, creating collaterals etc
  • Collaborating with teams across the organization
    • Understand and link the Teach For India vision in your city to Recruitment efforts in your portfolioio
    • Understand and link the Teach For India vision in your city to Recruitment efforts in your portfolio
    • Collaborate with the Development team to secure new corporate partners
Technical Skills and Competencies
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
    • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English
    • Public-speaking and presentation skills : ability to effectively interface with multiple audiences, internal teams and stakeholders while presenting complex ideas clearly and in an engaging manner
    • You are the face of Teach For India: project the brand internally and externally
    • Ability to invest and build relations with new stakeholders and leverage them
  • Superior Project Management Skills
    • Demonstrated self-starting abilities: ability to be resourceful, take responsibility and find effective solutions to problems
    • Strong time management skills and ability to remain flexible in order to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously, with tight deadlines
    • Demonstrated proficiency in using data to drive decisions: analyzing numbers and trends to determine next steps
  • People Management Skills
    • Ability to create a culture of collaboration
    • Ability to lead a group of volunteers to ambitious outcomes
    • Focus on setting clear expectations and detailed follow up
Values and Mindsets
  • Belief that every single child deserves an excellent education and that every single child has the ability to be successful academically, despite their background
  • Strong work ethic and sense of possibility s
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and adapt quickly to a new work stream and culture
  • Commitment to executing a complex plan in an entrepreneurial environment
Education and Experience
  • 1-3 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment and is sensitive to the diversity of our target population
  • Experience working in a deadline-sensitive, target-driven environment with a focus on professionalism: ability to keep himself/herself calm during high-stress periods
  • Experience as a Teach For India Fellow. Not required, but strongly desired
  • Ability to travel extensively (intra and inter-city) and adopt flexible timings (especially during “cycle season” from July-Feb)
Associate, College Recruitment and Outreach - Delhi, Chennai