Intern, Impact

Mumbai, Pune, Delhi

Position Summary:
The impact intern is responsible for helping the impact associate evaluate the effectiveness of our program. You will be helping collect, clean, analyze, and present data for the entire Teach For India ecosystem with the goal of improving the quality of education we’re providing to our students and the leadership training we’re providing to our fellows. You will help identify key levers that are driving our success and potential obstacles we may face in the future. Engaging with key stakeholders, the impact intern will build a culture of data driven, reflective practice across city teams and support them in understanding their goals, current outcomes and set priorities by analyzing their data for trends.
Team Overview:
Teach For India’s Training and Impact team drives efforts to empower and shape leaders who will transform the lives of thousands of students across India and ultimately eliminate educational inequity. We will train hundreds of new teachers at the Summer Institute in Pune. We help equip Fellows with the foundational knowledge, skills and mindsets to become transformational teachers and leaders. During the academic year, we will design assessments, curricula, tools and other resources for supporting and developing all Fellows in refining their practice.
Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Data Analysis
  • Collates and analyses multiple data sets to identify current outcome and hypothesize key levers
  • Analyzes assessment data (historical and current) to identify trends and drive strategic decisions across city and training teams
  • Analyzes data and evidence of fellow development and growth to drive strategic decisions around support and training
  • Designs tools to effectively collect and access data
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Belief that every single child deserves an excellent education and that every single child has the ability to be successful academically, despite their background.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English
  • Understanding of basic statistical concepts involved in data analysis (including means, medians, quartiles, standard deviation, )
  • Proficient with the use of MS Excel including Pivot Tables, formulae and VBA programming
  • Demonstrated proficiency working with nested functions and also be comfortable creating infographics to display his/her analysis and results.
  • Deep understanding of how to analyse data effectively and efficiently
Education and Experience
  • Relevant experience handling data, statistical formula, and designing research
Intern, Impact - Pune, Mumbai, Delhi