Associate, Human Resources (Talent Acquisition)

National Team-Mumbai

Position Summary:
The Associate, Talent Acquisition plays a pivotal role not just in attracting highly mission driven, competent and diverse talent, to meet Teach For India's immediate hiring needs but also for building the foundation such that Teach For India can continue to do so in the future. The Associate operationalizes the plan to build an enduring staff brand for Teach For India and plays a key role in building enduring partnerships with various external institutions and stakeholders. The Talent Associate also provides support to prospective staff and helps them to be better prepared for the start of their staff journey. The Associate aims to do all of the above with decisions rooted in data analysis.
Team Overview:
Currently Teach For India has ~ 200 staff members and the Human Resources team is responsible for hiring, developing and engaging this diverse, multi-talented and very passionate pool of people. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg as the team engages with people who may or may not even have heard about Teach For India and plants seeds therein. The team also aims to ensure that any staff member’s journey does not end with moving on from Teach For India, but that they continue to be lifelong champions for the movement even as Staff Alumni. Poised as we are at this inflection point, knocking on the doors of Phase 3, there are exciting and challenging times ahead for Teach For India and for the Human Resources team!
Internship Lead:
  • Lead Teach For India’s Internship programme
  • Increase visibility across campuses and build relationships therein
  • Build and internally brand the internship programme as a great source of talent for staff roles
Partner in Applicant’s Journey
  • Ensure that applications are reviewed and applicants responded to within prescribed timelines
  • Conduct interviews and also ensure interviews are conducted by others (within and outside the team) with an objective to minimize TAT
  • Conduct and/or ensure reference checks are conducted effectively and within Prescribed Timelines
  • Assist in creating and implementing a seamless process for offer making and onboarding
  • Ensure receipt and maintenance of all relevant documentation for new hires
Talent Analytics: Seeker of Whys and Hows
  • Create framework for generation of regular hiring-related reports
  • Formulate hypotheses and conduct regular data analysis
  • Loop back feedback and inputs to relevant stakeholders in the hiring process
  • Assist in creation and modification of Job Descriptions and Interview Guides aligned with these insights
  • Assist in creating more objective and data-backed structures for team projections and similar exercises
Staff Branding and Social Media Networking
  • Build a strong database of hiring channels for staff and internship positions
  • Ensure Teach For India postings have a regular presence through these channels
  • Assist in developing and maintaining effective relationships with search firms, educational institutions, Alumni and other potential recruitment sources
  • Assist in building and maintaining strong presence on social media
  • Assist in curating relevant content so as to create a constant buzz on social media
Additional Responsibilities:
  • To support in other HR activities
Knowledge and Technical Skills:
  • Knowledge of, and interest in enhancing knowledge of using social media for hiring
  • Knowledge of, and interest in enhancing knowledge of key trends in hiring and hiring best practices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent data analysis skills
Competencies and Abilities:
  • Excellent interpersonal skills: Building relationships to influence outcomes
  • Excellent Critical Thinking Skills
  • Ownership for Results
  • Ability to multitask in a highly paced work environment
Values and Mindsets:
  • Belief that every single child deserves an excellent education
  • Empathy
  • Belief in people and their ability and willingness to learn and grow
Education and Experience:
  • 1-2 years of work experience
  • Graduate/Post Graduate degree in any discipline
Associate, Human Resources (Talent Acquisition) - Mumbai