EdX Intern, Firki Technology

Mumbai or Bangalore
Position Summary:
The EdX Intern is responsible for helping help build a collaborative, innovative, and productive community based around the Teacher Training Portal. The Intern will be responsible for updating website, and uploading courses to the portal, and occasionally providing quality support to partner organization who are using Firki. The portal is focused on transforming teaching and learning, and providing quality education for teachers all across India.
Team Overview :
The Firki team is comprised of three verticals: content creation, partnerships and engagement and technology.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Work with the content teams to upload teacher training courses on to the platform
  • Monitor the usage of the EdX platform
  • Make updates, upgrades and changes to the Firki website
  • Engage with the teacher community to answer questions and provide technical questions
Knowledge and Technical Skills
  • Comfort with HTML and CSS front-end features
  • Knowledge of and comfort with Python and Javascript [preferred]
  • Familiarity with Devstack and Vagrant [preferred]
Competencies and Abilities
  • Immense sense of possibility
  • Belief that Technology can and will change the way people work today and that the organizations can only grow with technology as one of its strong pillars
  • A vision to empower an organization to innovate using Technology
Education and Experience :

We believe that reaching our vision demands that we have the best and brightest group of leaders working to lead this country. Here are the minimum qualifications we look for:

MS/MTech/ME/BS/BTech/BE or equivalent Experience of web development experience or Proficiency in Python

Community experience [preferred], one or more of:

  • Active participation in a significant open source community
  • Strong record of contribution to open source projects
EdX Intern, Firki Technology