Course Developer Associate, Firki
Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore

Position Summary:

The Course Developer coordinates the overall planning, designing, and development of course content and assessments across different strands on the Firki Teacher Training Portal. The role requires a deep understanding of the current state of schooling system in India, a commitment to get under the skin of the user and the ability to create well­written content, which is relevant, and easy­to­consume.

Team Overview:

This role is nestled within Teach for India’s Training and Impact team and reports to the Project Lead. The Course Developer will work closely with Teach for India’s Training and Impact team, as well as number of external partners, and adapt content to make it relevant for Firki users, ensuring that the spirit/thought behind the resource remains constant.

Vision for Firki

Teach For India’s mission is to create a movement of leaders who will eliminate educational inequity in India. Our vision is a day when all children across India, irrespective of background, attain an excellent education. To this vision, Teach For India launched Firki, an open­source, free, online teacher­ training portal which focuses on the why and how of teaching. Over the past year, we have taken steps to understand the needs to teachers, to look at and learn from other initiatives in Teacher Education and have launched the pilot phase of Firki.

Firki, in partnership with master teachers, pedagogy experts and teacher education programmes aspires be the most effective and accessible route to a high­ quality alternative certification for teaching in India. Firki is partnering with a number of prestigious education institutions, leveraging each organisation’s carefully documented expertise in pedagogy and practice to translate, simplify and adapt to meet the needs of a teacher in an under­ resourced school. Due to the mandatory requirement of an undergraduate degree in Education for teachers to be certified, Firki will also carry content aligned to the B.Ed curriculum of any esteemed Indian university so as to offer the opportunity of an alternative route to certification (in the longer run) for its users.


Content Creation

  • Identify and match user needs to appropriate content areas and formats
  • Write compelling courses aimed at K­12 government and affordable private school teachers
  • Re­create the content meant for offline instruction into engaging material for online learning


  • Adapt and distil the content from the Training & Impact team and external partners to create relevant and easy­to­understand course material for the core user group of Firki
  • Partner with teacher educators from leading teacher education institutions in India to create content for the B.Ed track on the portal

User Testing

  • Coordinate with programme teams across cities to identify classrooms where best practices can be captured
  • Continuously test with relevant user group, collect feedback and inform content creation
  • Deliver individual or group instruction to users or make arrangements for instruction with various network partners

Additional responsibilities:

  • Uploading content bi­weekly on to the learning management system [LMS]
  • Coordinate with technology team and vendors when needed

Knowledge and Technical Skills

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English, second language preferred [Hindi, Marathi, Kanada, Tamil or Telugu]
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office, and Google Apps
  • Previous experience with LMS or online learning tools [desired]

Competencies and Abilities

  • Strong people and partnership management skills, so as to effectively oversee partnerships with diverse stakeholder
  • Ability to be resourceful, take responsibility and find effective solutions to problems
  • Entrepreneurial attitude: working independently while also being a team player

Values and Mindsets

  • Belief that every single child deserves an excellent education and that every single child has the ability to be successful academically, despite their background
  • Strong organisation skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong work ethic and sense of possibility
  • Demonstrated self­starting abilities: able to be resourceful, take responsibility and find effective solutions to problems

Education and Experience

  • Experience as a teacher and / or teacher trainer essential
  • 3+ years of relevant work experience, including work with curriculum design and assessment frameworks
  • Previous experience working hard in a deadline­oriented, target­driven environment with respect for process and professionalism
Course Developer Associate, Firki - Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore