Intern, City Research
City Operations - Bengaluru

Position Summary:

The intern would be responsible for working with the City Director to generate key research inputs that we need on:

1) Project 1: Long-term Fellowship expansion plans in the Karnataka region As Teach For India approaches its next phase of evolution, we are thinking about what the growth of the fellowship could look like so that we reach as many children as we can as quickly as we can. The growth could be within the city as well as to adjacent rural areas or tier 2 cities. We want to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the options and make the right choices.

2) Project 2: Testing of Hypotheses emerging from our Vision 2020 process We embarked on an ambitious vision creation process that is about to reached its next phase. Based on the information gathered and insights generated, a few hypotheses will emerge about the linkages in the system as well as the role of different actors. We want the intern to conduct a confirmatory study to distinguish facts from assumptions and the stronger links from the weaker links to help us identify the key levers.

Team Summary
The City Operations team has the exciting and challenging role of driving the Teach For India vision and mission in Bengaluru. This involves training and supporting Fellows to have impact in their classrooms, schools and communities, to have impact on themselves and to prepare Fellows for their post Fellowship journey. The team works with various stakeholders in the city like our alumni, the government, corporates, foundations and NGOs to drive our vision.

Bengaluru is in its first year of operations with 1700 students, 54 fellows, 80+ alumni and 9 city operations team members.


  • Working with the City Director as well as Vision 2020 Core Team members to create a robust framework for the research.
  • Conduct primary and secondary research.
  • Analyze the data using a scientific tool.
  • Create a report capturing the findings from the analysis.
  • Make recommendations to the city director.
  • Submit a report to the city team capturing the process, outputs, analysis and finding.

* The Fellowship Expansion Research will include travel to rural areas as well as tier 2 cities close to Bengaluru, which will be reimbursed on a cost basis.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills in English.
  • Excellent Planning Skills (and a strong desire to develop further).
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to identify underlying patterns.
  • Initiative and Problem Solving in Unknown Environments.

For the Fellowship Expansion Research:

  • Written and Spoken skills in Kannada preferable.
  • Willingness to work in semi-urban or rural setting.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Currently pursuing graduation or graduate from a reputed institute
  • Currently pursuing post-graduation or post-graduate from a reputed institute

Commitment and Expectations:

  • Time Commitment: Fellowship Expansion: 100 hours
  • Vision 2020: 40 - 60 hours (depending on current phase)

If interested, please apply to with your resume and cover letter.

Intern, City Research - Bengaluru