Chief Operating Officer

The Opportunity:

Teach For India is currently impacting over 38,000 children in 295 schools across 7 cities in India through its Fellowship Program while also building a growing community of Alumni who are working towards educational equity through their roles in a diverse range of organizations and sectors across the country. Teach For India currently has around 1200 Fellows, 1500 Alumni and 240 staff members - a 3000-strong army of people who are deeply invested in the idea of equity in education and are committed to their role in attaining it. These numbers are more than just isolated data points. Taken together, they represent the immense potential of our model and the power of the broader community - a potential to redefine what’s possible for children from low-income backgrounds and a power that resides in the individual and collective leadership capacities of individuals and groups to catalyze a broader movement for education reform in India.

The Vision for the Role:

The COO plays a critical role in unleashing the potential and power of a nationwide movement for educational equity in our country. This individual will ensure tight alignment between Teach For India’s culture, people, systems and impact, as well as its operational and financial sustainability. To do this, he/she will drive strategic depth and excellence in the national teams by fostering a culture of continuous analysis of the organization’s goals, operational data and evidences, and designing and implementing systems and policies that create short and long term successes. This individual will also be a member of a five person Senior Leadership team that will design strategy, long term and annual strategic plans, and drive a culture of collaboration across teams and individuals in the organization.

The Leadership Challenge: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Build capacity in the National teams - Fundraising, Human Resources, Communications, Technology, Organisational Excellence, Impact and Strategy to be able to conduct rigorous performance reviews, unearth best practices and challenges across city and national teams, and design appropriate strategies and interventions that create and sustain organizational excellence and continuously improve overall performance
  • Understand the existing human resource management strategy and policies, review its alignment with Teach For India’s mission, culture and organization-wide performance requirements, and lead the design and implementation of required changes
  • Review the existing technology infrastructure, processes and reporting framework, and create and implement a vision of operational excellence and continuous improvement in technology across the organization
  • Review fundraising strategies, build strong relationships with existing donors, lead identification and cultivation of national and international corporate/individual donors, and ensure Teach For India raises the necessary funds in a timely manner
  • Manage and coach the functional heads of our Technology, Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources, and Fundraising verticals and develop their individual and collective capabilities to lead their teams to successful outcomes
  • Lead the design and execution of long-term Organisation Strategy, and Annual Operating Plans
  • Review Teach For India’s definition and reporting of Impact internally and externally, and help the Senior Leadership Team constantly align operations to deepen and sustain impact
  • Work with the Senior Leadership Team to help create organisation-wide strategies around growth, scale, sustainability, impact and long-term areas of focus

Values and Mindsets:

  • Deep belief in Teach For India’s vision, mission, and core values
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and collective action
  • Growth mindset, with an underlying belief that one’s abilities and competencies can be developed through dedication, hard work and practice
  • Strong focus on building excellence and depth in this role

Abilities and Competencies:

  • Strategic and critical thinking skills so as to conceptualize multiple approaches to
  • Relationship-building and influencing skills so as to leverage people and relationships
  • Communication skills so as to deliver compelling messages through oral and written medium to diverse stakeholders
  • People management skills so as to articulate a team vision and manage and coach individuals to consistently superior outcomes
  • Operational management skills so as to set up systems and processes to allocate resources efficiently
  • Ability to be resourceful and entrepreneurial in the face of uncertainty

Knowledge and Technical Skills:

  • Understanding of Teach For India’s short-term and long-term theory of change
  • Understanding of Teach For India’s leadership development philosophy and framework
  • Proficiency in analyzing data and making inferences to drive strategies and decisions
  • Excellent project planning and project management skills developed through dedication, hard work and practice solving a problem and drawing out a clear roadmap with roles and responsibilities to outcomes medium to diverse stakeholders individuals to consistently superior outcomes resources efficiently

Education and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in any field
  • 8+ years of relevant work experience
  • Previous experience managing large projects and teams to successful outcomes
Chief Operating Officer