inspirED is an educational conference that aims to bring together people with varied backgrounds with a common goal to end educational inequity. Our participants range from students, school teachers, school leaders, headmasters, teacher trainers, entrepreneurs and government officials to corporate CSR heads and others. We believe that it is possible for all children in our country to attain an excellent education if citizens from across sectors come together to create solutions, and hence seek diversity in our participants for different perspectives, ideas and solutions.

The conferences aim to bring awareness and deeper understanding of the educational landscape in India and the urgency of the crisis of educational inequity. They provide a platform to connect people, spark ideas and start dialogues around common problems. Sessions on best practices in the classroom, school and system push conversations on what an excellent education for all children looks like and how we can get there together. The conference hosts a student-led education exhibition that showcases student leadership and provides inspiration and a sense of possibility to our participants.

Every year, the two-day conference takes place in different cities including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The ideas and solutions sparked through the conferences address challenges faced both by the city and the country. Our most recent conference, in January 2016, took the form of an Innovation Jam in Pune, where participants solved for the question: How do we ensure high-school students in Pune attain the knowledge, skills and mindsets necessary for the 21st century?.

Speakers at the conference range from politicians and policy makers to school leaders and teachers and experts in various fields of education. The sessions run along three pathways: the classroom (techniques and tips for best practices in classroom teaching), the school (tools and strategies to transforms schools) and the system (discussions around government policy, social entrepreneurship and systemic change at a macro level).

Our hope is that the conference is a launching pad for several collaborative partnerships and solutions in education, following which participants continue working with each other in the future.

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