Firki is a world-class, open-source blended learning programme for teachers across India to access, use and transform their teaching practice.

Firki focuses on the principles and strategies that have proved to be successful in improving teacher competencies in low-resource communities. Firki helps a teacher identify his or her strengths and leverage them to build effective practice leading to improved student outcomes. The bi-lingual content (English and Hindi) is presented through engaging videos, modeling strategies, teacher interviews and student videos to capture all aspects relevant to transforming teaching practice. As of now, Firki has over 3000 users who are teachers, teacher-trainers, non-profit facilitators and school leaders.

The online portion of Firki, which anchors the whole model, includes coursework and online training, and is 10% of an educator’s learning time. The portal currently has 8 online courses: Investment, Classroom Practice, Goal Setting, Planning and Preparation, Personal Development, Basic English, Basic Math and a Vision of Excellence. Once an educator has taken a course, they have the ability to directly apply it within their classrooms - where 70% of their learning happens - through full-time teaching practice. Educators sign up with others from their school, enabling the remaining 20% of their learning to happen through coaching, mentoring and communities of practice.

Firki, in partnership with master teachers, pedagogy experts and teacher education programmes, aspires to be the most effective and accessible route to a high-quality alternative certification for teaching in India.

Together, Firki and its partners will build advocacy around the importance of investing in the professional development of teachers and the need for collective social impact in the area of teacher education and support.

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