Intern, Data for Social Change - Mumbai

Position Summary:
The Data for Social Change intern will work with Teach For India’s Technology Team in Mumbai to develop a state of the art knowledge portal to gauge the state of educational inequity in our country by leveraging a repository of secondary and primary data. The intern will develop practical data science skills by working on a large scale project with the objective of facilitating data-driven solutions to complex social problems. He/she will work closely with a variety of stakeholders from across the education value chain both from with-in as well as outside Teach For India. Qualified candidates for this position should demonstrate strong interest in data science and a working knowledge of tools/programming languages such as R, Python, Mongo and d3JS. The candidates should also demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and a strong desire to leverage data to solve social issues esp. those in education field.
Team Overview:
Technology Team at Teach For India operates with a vision to enable every stakeholder - students, fellows, staff and alumni - involved in TFI’s mission towards ed-equity to be an active and informed change agent. To achieve this objective, technology team is deeply invested in building collaborative technological solutions that empower all our stakeholders to be highly efficient and effective in reaching their full potential. Our work at technology team is guided by four strategic priorities - Organizational Efficiency (for optimum process automation), Systems Integration (for inter-team collaboration), Data for Social Change (for data-driven decision making) and Innovation in Education (for 21st century teaching and learning).
Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Designing system architecture
  • Developing R/Python based analytics engine
  • Migrating, mapping and reconciling data from multiple sources (APIs, Spreadsheets, Flat files etc.)
  • Designing and developing data visualizations (pref. using d3JS)
  • Developing standardized APIs (Python/NodeJS) for open data access
  • Conducting field visits and stakeholder interviews for user feedback
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Strong: R, Python, MongoDB, d3JS
  • Moderate: NodeJS, HTML, CSS
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to influence and motivate team members and project stakeholders to achieve outcomes
  • Adaptable and flexible in working style; willingness to travel within the city
  • General knowledge of Indian education system
Education and Experience:
  • Current engineering student or graduate from a reputed institute
  • Previous experience working on a data science project
Internship Duration: 3 - 6 months
Intern, Data for Social Change - Mumbai