Program Manager - Ahmedabad

Position Vision:
As leaders of a national movement, our Program Managers will play a key role at the heart of their City Teams driving towards an ambitious, contextual and collective vision. Through co-creating a rich and effective ecosystem designed to enable all Fellows to pursue their own journey as leaders and teachers, they will consistently seek out opportunities to learn and grow. Program Managers will strive to build ownership in Fellows, facilitating and connecting them to experiences, which will allow them to develop skills and mindsets centered on personal transformation, collective action, educational equity and curriculum and pedagogy. Through using a wide range of data (qualitative and quantitative) our Program Managers will coach and manage 15-20 Fellows leveraging their competencies to inspire a drive for excellence in the short term and a deep sense of purpose in the long term.
Team Overview:
Each Program Manager is supported by a Senior Program Manager in their city under the guidance of the City Director, who is working towards their city vision.
Core Responsibilities:
  1. Establishing rigorous goals, systems and strategic plans:
    • Create a strategic plan of support, aligned to City goals and Fellow needs that enables all Fellows to create learning environments, which actively encourages the development of student leadership.
    • Build capacity in Fellows to use a wide range of data (qualitative and quantitative) to analyze progress to goals, evaluate and increase effectiveness
    • Collect, analyze and respond accurately and effectively to group wide data sets and evidence to understand underlying causes
  2. Developing Self, Fellow and Student Leadership:
    • Develop and manage a team of Fellows through a variety of essential opportunities; Classroom Observations, feedback and aligned need-based learning experiences.
    • Plan and execute effective peer-driven Learning Circles, technical support such as grade level circles and training sessions and on-going learning experiences which allow Fellows to connect all aspect of the Leadership Development Framework.
    • Build a focus on personal transformation by facilitating Leadership Conversations and connecting Fellows to learning opportunities within the City ecosystem for both their development as teachers and leaders.
  3. Building a vision and driving a culture of collaboration within the city and Fellow Teams.
    • Build a culture that is focused on personal transformation, collective action and educational equity with the child and their community at the center.
    • Facilitate shared learning, unconditional support and strong self and peer accountability within the Learning Circle and school teams
Other Responsibilities:
Contribute to the development and growth of Teach For India as a strong sustainable institution through supporting partner teams such as Recruitment, Selection, Development, Alumni, and Communications etc. PMs also work full time at the Teach for India summer institute and with the Training and Impact Team on specific projects.
Knowledge, Skills and Mindsets:
Each of the core responsibilities outlined above, need specific skills to fulfill. Most of these will get developed and honed through the role. Some of the knowledge, skill and mindsets you need coming in are:
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Grit
  • Teamwork
  • Developing Others
  • Continuous Learning
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Building Relationships
Education and Experience:
We believe that reaching our vision demands that we have the best and brightest group of leaders working to lead this city. Here are some minimum qualifications we look for:
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • A minimum of two years teaching experience in a low-income school with a strong track record of building academics, values, mindsets, and pathways to opportunity with students or a holistic degree in Education
Program Manager - Ahmedabad